Install and use Blink for Windows

Step 1: Download Blink and install

  • Click on the link below

  • A small window will pop up asking whether you want to Run or Save “Blink-Installer.exe”
  • The appearance of this pop up window will depend on which browser you are using
  • An example pop up window from Internet Explorer 9.0 is shown below


  • Either select Run or save to a location on your PC then run from that location
  • You may then have a User Access Control window pop up if User Access Control is turned “on” – if so press the “Yes” button
  • The following Welcome screen should pop up automatically


  • Press the “Next” button
  • The following License Agreement window should then pop up


  • Select the “I accept the agreement” radio button then press the Next button
  • The following Information window should now pop up


  • Press the Next button
  • The following Destination window should now pop up


  • Either select the default destination or enter a different destination if you wish then press the Next button
  • The following Start Menu Folder window should now pop up


  • Either accept the default folder or enter a different folder if you wish then press the Next button
  • The following Select Additional Tasks window should now pop up


  • Select or un-select according to your preferences then press the Next button
  • The following Ready to Install window should now pop up


  • Press the Install button – the installation will commence and a progress window will be shown as per below


  • When the installation has completed the following Finish window will pop up


  • Blink will now start on your PC

Step 2: Start up and configure Blink

  • Go to the Start Menu location you specified during the install then select the Blink icon
  • Blink should now start up and the application window pop up
  • An example of this is shown below


  • When you start up Blink for the first time Add Account dialogue box will pop up
  • Select the Add an Existing SIP Account option if it is not already selected
  • Enter your name, e.g. John Smith, in the Display Name field
  • Enter your Merge number with the Merge domain name suffix in the SIP Address field, e.g.
  • Enter your password in the Password field
  • Click the Add button
  • You are now configured and your Merge account should register
  • When your account has successfully registered, your SIP address, circled below, will become black – if it does not register successfully it will remain grey


Step 3: Using your Blink softphone 

Notes before you start


We recommend use of a headset with the Merge SIP service as your PC’s built in microphone and speaker, while potentially of good quality, will not deal with background noise very well and will not permit privacy – we recommend use of a high quality noise cancelling USB headset


You will need a web camera to use the video feature of the Merge SIP service – if your PC does not have a built in web camera you will need to purchase an external web camera


Each Merge subscriber has an account number in the format 209xxxxxx – the Merge account number can be used to call other Merge subscribers (see Voice Calling below)

Each Merge subscriber will also have at least one SIP address, typically in the format – the SIP address can also be used to call other Merge subscribers (see Voice Calling below)

If you are calling other Merge subscribers using a SIP address it is not necessary to type the domain name suffix – i.e. you can just type firstname.lastname without the

Test numbers

The following numbers can be used to test the Merge service

3333 will play James Bond theme music once the call is connected – this can be used to determine the quality of the voice connection to your Mac

4444 will play back whatever is said into the microphone – this can be used to see how you will sound to the people you call

Voice Calling

Placing calls

To place a call make sure the Blink client is started and is the active application on your PC, then use one of the following methods

Method 1:  start typing either a Merge number or SIP address into the search field

Blink will match the characters you start typing against contact entries in your Blink address book(s) and will start narrowing down the displayed contacts against the typed characters

Refer to the Contacts section later below to import and/or create contacts

If you have typed a full Merge number or SIP address you can either press Enter or click the green telephone button to initiate a call to that address

If you have typed a partial address and have more than one contact listed you will need to use your mouse to select the contact you wish to call then either press Enter or click the green telephone button

Method 2: just scroll to the contact you wish to call, select the contact with your mouse then either press Enter or click the green telephone button

When the call connects a session window similar to the one displayed to the right will appear inside the main Blink screen

To hang up the call press the red phone button to the right hand side of the side-bar





Receiving calls

When your Merge number is called an Incoming SIP Session window will pop up

To accept the call click the Accept button

To reject the call click the Reject button – the call will divert to the divert-on-no answer destination (voicemail by default)

To signal that you are busy click the Busy button – if your account is configured to divert calls on busy it will divert to the divert-on-busy destination (voicemail by default)

If you do not answer the call it will divert to the no answer destination (voicemail by default)


To mute a call so that the other party is unable to hear any sound through your microphone, click the Mute button









To place an active call on hold, or alternatively Hold and Unhold the call, click the Hold button










Additional calls

To make a second or additional call leave the current call as is, then place the additional call using one of the methods described in Placing Calls

The previously active call will automatically be placed on hold and the new call will be active

Multiple additional calls can be added in this manner until you run out of bandwidth on your broadband connection

Switching between calls

You can switch between calls by clicking on any held call to make it active









You are able to connect multiple calls into a conference

When you have two or more parties connected to your Blink client simply click the Conference button to join all parties into a conference







A conference will be signified by a thicker blue line around the conference parties as shown on the right.

To add additional parties to an existing conference simply click and drag the new call on top of the existing conferenced calls

To take a party out of the conference simply click and drag the party out of the conferenced calls

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