Digital voice is here. New internet-based technology called VOIP¹ is replacing the good old telephone – delivering voice services over your broadband at a lower cost and higher quality.

As well as offering you more business-useful features, it sets the scene for a unified communications world with services such as video, instant messaging and your voicemail messages delivered via email.

VOIP frees you from the constraints of the old world telephone network and delivers a more flexible voice service that can better fit your business needs.
We call it Merge Connect.

¹ Voice over internet protocol, or VOIP for short.

What is Merge Connect?

Merge Connect is a reliable high-quality VOIP phone service delivered over your broadband, priced at less than half the cost of a traditional phone – and with more features and functions.

When you replace your traditional phone lines with Merge Connect accounts, you get:

Genuine high-quality audio – our customers tell us the quality is as good as or better than a traditional phone line.

All the features you enjoy with your phone line today and more:

  • Voicemail (and get your voicemail messages delivered via email)
  • Caller display
  • Call waiting
  • Diversions
  • Three-way conferencing
  • There’s also a hosted multi-party conferencing service available for
    up to 50 people if you have a need for larger audio conferences.

With Merge Connect you can also:

  • bring your existing phone numbers with you, or if you prefer, Merge can provide you with new numbers. This includes any 0800 numbers. Merge can also support USA and Australian 1800 numbers.
  • page your staff. The Merge system can be configured to page staff using your ceiling or wall-mounted speakers.
  • send and receive faxes. You can connect your fax machine to Merge with an adapter, or you can choose to subscribe to Merge’s fax-to-email service.
  • go automatic. Your main number can be answered by an automated attendant, offering callers a menu system that will direct calls to the right person.

Merge Connect can be tailored to meet all of your specific requirements. What’s on your wish list?

Merge Connect can cost as little as half your current phone line rental

At $17.35 per month excluding GST, Merge Connect is less than half the rental price of a standard telephone line before additional services. By the time you add in the additional services you pay for now, Merge Connect can cost less than a third of traditional phone line costs.

Get all the features you’ve become used to – without the additional cost

With Merge Connect, you get everything you already get with a traditional phone line. The big difference is these services are included within the rental price – no paying for additional services that bump up your monthly bill. Your rental includes voicemail, caller display, call waiting, diversions and 3-way conference.

Here’s how Merge Connect compares with a traditional phone line

Merge ConnectTraditional line
Phone line$17.35$49.95
Caller display$0.00$2.50
Call waiting$0.00$2.50

Prices exclude GST.


Free calls to other Merge subscribers

Calls between Merge subscribers are toll free. This can add up to big savings – especially if your business has multiple locations.

Additional features unique to digital voice

You also get some useful business-oriented features only possible with VOIP.

Voicemail to email

Get your voicemails delivered to you via email – pick up your messages from wherever you want, whenever you want.

Join multiple extensions to a single account

Connect more than one handset or desktop computer to each account, essentially giving you multiple extensions off the one phone number – even across multiple geographic sites. This means you can have your phone number ringing at more than one location at the same time without paying for multiple lines and without any complicated call forwarding.

Carry your phone line around with you

You can’t take your traditional phone line on the road with you. Merge Connect provides an easy fix. Just use your laptop as your phone. As long as you can access suitable broadband where you are, you can connect to your Merge account via your laptop and make and take calls as though you were at your office. No need to rack up additional call charges when you forward your office number to your mobile.


We’re not going to try to stitch you up or lock you down

We back up our world-class high-quality VOIP services with commercial terms specifically suited to small to medium businesses. We offer our VOIP services on a highly flexible basis*

  • No sign-up fee.
  • No term contract.
  • No exit fees.

You can add or release accounts without financial penalty as you need to. This means your phone costs can match your exact needs – no paying for lines you don’t use simply because you are on contract. It’s all about having the flexibility to manage staff growth, staff shrinkage or short-term projects in a way that works for you.

* Some Merge broadband services may have contract terms.

Moving your service across is easy with plenty of safeguards

Moving to our service is simple and low risk. Initially, we’ll run Merge Connect in parallel with your existing service as a safeguard to make sure the transition goes smoothly. This also gives your team time to get familiar and confident with our service before the switchover. You can take your numbers with you, so there’s no need to change your business cards, website or marketing material.

What happens if my broadband goes down?

Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered. If you’re concerned you’ll lose phone services if your broadband goes down, we can:

  • Configure your service so that calls are diverted to mobiles or other telephone numbers in the event of broadband outage, or
  • Change the programming for your call forwarding on the fly at really short notice.

How do I use it?

There are lots of options

There are lots of options


You can use Merge Connect with a telephone handset just like you do now.

You can use a specialised VOIP phone (which makes it easier to use the more advanced features).

You can also reuse your existing traditional phone via an adapter.

Desktop or laptop

You can also use your desktop or laptop as a phone service.

Make or take calls while you work handsfree – at the same time as you’re talking to a customer, supplier or colleague, you can surf the web, send an email or find and view documents relevant to your call.


You can also make or take landline calls with your smartphone – talk to us to find out how.

Things to think about

There are two things you need to check to make sure you’re good to go with digital voice.


Merge recommend the use of Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB).

VDSL provides good results and ADSL2 is adequate for small offices (less than five people).

Good network equipment/infrastructure

You may need to consider upgrading or replacing some elements of your network equipment/infrastructure depending on its age. We can help assess the suitability of your current set-up by running through a fast and easy assessment checklist with you.

Merge can also provide you with broadband. Talk to us now about your broadband requirements. Call us on 0800 77 55 33 or send an email

We can get you sorted with all the equipment you need

We can supply you with the handsets, softphones and adapters you need for your Merge Connect service.

Most of our customers opt for a specialised business-grade SIP phone. These phones show call information on an LCD screen. They have easy-to-use buttons that make using features such as hold, transfer or conference a whole lot easier.

And if you want to use a softphone on your laptop or desktop, we recommend you use a noise-cancelling headset – it will give you a combination of privacy and good audio quality.

You can also reuse an existing analogue phone by connecting it to our service using an adapter.

Yealink T23G
Yealink T23G
Yealink T41P
Yealink T41P
Grandstream GXP2135
Grandstream GXP2135
Yealink W56P
Yealink W56P
Jabra Biz 620 Duo
Jabra Biz 620 Duo
Yealink T27P
Yealink T27P
Yealink T46G
Yealink T46G
Grandstream GXP2160
Grandstream GXP2160
Yealink CP860F
Yealink CP860F
Cisco SPA 122 ATA
Cisco SPA 122 ATA

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