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BlueJeans now optimised for the Samsung Galaxy Z Series for the future

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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Flexibility is key in today's hybrid society. Traditional ideas about where, when, and how employees complete their work have been turned on their heads by workers who now call for greater autonomy and even exercise their right to vote with their feet (see: Great Reshuffle). In fact, according to a recent Gallup Workplace poll, 90% of remote-capable employees want some level of flexibility in their work schedules, and 54% of these respondents said they would look for a new job if their current employer stopped allowing remote work choices in the future.

The promise of work flexibility can only be fulfilled with foldable mobile devices. In addition to being adaptable in and of itself, these devices give users a Swiss Army-style toolkit for communication and collaboration, allowing them to customise the experience to best meet their requirements. Samsung has created a pair of devices (Galaxy Z Fold & Galaxy Z Flip) that will fuel the future of hybrid work, taking the lead in this area. In fact, a recent industry research shows that Samsung devices made up three of every four foldable smartphones supplied globally. 9 in 10 Samsung consumers said they would buy a foldable phone again when asked how they feel about their foldable devices, and 96% of them are satisfied.

The necessity to provide a customised version of BlueJeans Mobile for Samsung's market-leading foldable devices on behalf of all mobile-first, hybrid workers became evident as we laid out our vision for mobile innovation.

This unique software experience for the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip is now accessible through the Google Play store, and it makes the most of every screen at its disposal to enhance video conferencing.

In particular, the Fold and Flip offers a distinctive experience in Flex Mode when content is shared in a meeting, where shared content appears in 1080p on the top screen and attendee gallery view is available on the bottom screen for rich interactivity. This makes it simpler for users to concentrate on both the meeting's topic and the other attendees, which promotes a more equitable meeting environment. With a redesigned keyboard that makes the most of the device's unique screen layouts, in-app communication is also a breeze.

At this time, the advantages of remote work are widely known (no commute, improved work-life balance), but it has been less evident where exactly this newly crowned power section of hybrid employees like to work. Work may be completed anywhere by setting up foldable mobile devices like the Galaxy Z for video collaboration.

When the Galaxy Z Fold is completely extended to its 7.6" widescreen display, which serves as a mini-tablet, BlueJeans really shines. Simply said, it offers customers a stunning, fully immersive meeting experience that places them in the middle of a conference like no other mobile device can. Additionally, BlueJeans Collab Board, our new digital white board that offers sophisticated conceptualisation and co-creation features for mobile users on the move, is the perfect canvas to pair with this larger screen. The next generation of hybrid employees will have greater options for mobile productivity thanks to a number of S-Pen connectors that BlueJeans is developing in order to unleash even more device interactivity.

With flexibility at its foundation, employees require technology that can adapt to constantly changing environments and offer a range of experiences that meet the demands of the moment. BlueJeans Mobile makes use of Samsung's Video Calling Effects to give customers a wide range of video options to customise their on-screen experience at any time. Blurred backgrounds, solid colour backgrounds, and virtual backgrounds are some of the specific features.

The ability to communicate and hold meetings on the go, wherever that may be, is swiftly moving to the top of the list of "must haves" for employees. Younger generations are often more accepting of a more extreme kind of work flexibility, where the physical representation of a "office" is not always there, according to a new study by Jabra focusing on employee behavior regarding the "anywhere" workplace.

The truth is that for a sizeable number of Millennials and Generation Z, hybrid work is all they have ever known. Surprisingly, 64% of Gen-Z respondents and 63% of millenial respondents said their laptop, headset, and any place they can acquire a reliable internet connection constitute their "office." In addition, 10% of Gen Z agree that a third location (such as a coffee shop) serves as their primary place of employment, which is twice as many as Millenials and almost three times as many as previous generations.

The workforce is undergoing a tectonic shift toward younger generations, therefore these generational distinctions are crucial. It's not surprising that essential aspects of hybrid work, like the "anywhere office," will only become more established and widespread as time goes on because work habits and preferences are being influenced by the current environment.

At the end of the day, as the world changes, so do the ways in which our greatest employees complete their jobs. In the end, these next-generation workers will use tools that are tuned for better hybrid work outputs. It is obvious that mobile technology will be a key component of the toolkit of highly productive hybrid workers when evaluating how and where work is done.

Our goal at Merge Communications is to provide you the latest digital technologies and ensure your business keeps ahead of your competitors. Merge Communicatiions provides your business with reliable and affordable solutions. Merge Communications is the official partner of BlueJeans in New Zealand and it can deliver a tailored meeting experience for a selection of foldable devices that enables Merge to project its vision farther into the future, where the ability to work remotely and use flexible tools will enable the hybrid workforce to succeed.

Discover Merge Communications today!

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