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The importance of Meeting Room Technology in businesses.

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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Everyone who works in business is familiar with the adage "Time is Money."

Sure, you get paid for the time you spend at work, but it also means that time has a monetary value. As a result, time should be used wisely, effectively, and economically.

If you work in an office where there are frequent meetings, it might already be clear that there a lot of time can be spent in meetings. Not only the meetings themselves, either. It involves getting ready, congregating, and settling in as well as connecting technology and people. It takes a lot of time. And only if it is properly structured. So, in order to avoid losing valuable time and money, it is crucial that your meeting room’s technology is current and always available to use.

Improving the transfer of concepts and knowledge

The whole point of holding meetings in one location is to exchange information and resources, so productivity and attention increase when you don't have to bother about setting up for meetings or making sure your devices work with the technology already in the space. Your meeting space should be outfitted with the most up-to-date presentation-related technology and be able to readily handle a wide range of personal devices.

Bringing in distant or off-site employees

Your most valuable employees may participate in meetings by dialing in from their homes. If the technology isn't in place to link your remote workers properly and seamlessly, you're losing money by wasting time with that valued individual and any ideas they might have.

Lowering anxiety and complications thanks to your confidence in the technology

You could hear uncertainty or even groans if you ask the majority of your team if they enjoy going to meetings. Meetings are often disliked by attendees, and my suspicion is that this is because so much of the time is spent on activities other than the real discussion of the issue at hand. Your team probably appreciates the value of exchanging ideas but complains about the amount of time spent on activities other than the difficult meetings themselves. The spirit of innovation and teamwork is killed when you have to gather around a laptop or dim the lights for an out-of-date slide presentation.

Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of your team

All of this is to suggest that a productive team is a more effective (and economical) team, thus having the most cutting-edge technology in your meeting room enables your workers to engage with one another so they can quickly get back to and resume their own individual jobs. Their workspace, including any meeting room, should promote productivity rather than inhibit it.

Merge Communications' range of meeting technologies will provide the solutions that your business needs to keep up with your competitors and manage your global relationships.

Merge Communications represents the prestigious brands of MAXHUB, Bluejeans by Verizon, Quick Launch and Video Window in NZ.

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