Merge also offers WebEye security and safety services for your home, business premises and your staff.


Wireless video security system for your home and business premises

Catch criminals in the act and have them arrested before they leave your premises with Merge’s WebEye monitored video alarm security system. When your alarm is activated, a short 12-second video is sent to the alarm monitoring station for immediate action. It’s worth noting that police respond to professionally-monitored video alarms, treating them as a crime in progress – enabling the police to respond straight away and arrest criminals in the act.

If you forget to arm the alarm, no problem, simply arm or disarm it from your Merge remote app. Merge’s WebEye video alarm is wireless and can also operate over a cellular connection, so you don’t need any cables or phone lines. It’s totally flexible and fast to install, and if you shift premises, it’s easy to move and re-install. All you need is access to a reliable broadband or cellular connection.

If you have 24-hour access to your smartphone, you can also choose to self-monitor with Merge’s WebEye cloud-based service. Receive real-time alarm activation notifications and remotely access your cameras using LiveLink at any time – no matter where in the world you are. If this interests you, talk to us about the self-monitoring option.


Lone worker and employee safety

Increases in employer liability and maximum fines levels that came into force with the recent changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act present greater obligations on employers to provide staff with better personal safety and protection. Merge’s WebEye SOS suite of products equips you with cloud-based tools to monitor the safety of your staff via an app installed on their smartphone.

Should staff feel threatened or in danger, they simply need to press the SOS panic button or the phone’s volume/power button that immediately sends an alert to the other Merge CMS* enabled devices where their location is identified and tracked in real time with one second location updates. The panic alarm consists of:

  • GPS location identification and notification
  • 10-second audio recording with alarm
  • under duress and not under duress alarm cancellation PINs.

In addition, Merge’s WebEye SOS comes with the following optional features:

Check-in. Set up a pre-agreed schedule with your staff to check in with the app. If this is missed, an alert will be generated.

Man-down. If no activity is detected, this automatically generates an alert to the staff member, giving them two minutes to respond. If this is missed, an alarm is generated.

TrackMe. Provides employers with real-time location tracking information for both employee safety and work records.

* Central monitoring station, or CMS for short.