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About us

Merge Communications - a company you can trust.


Our two founders, Paul Butterworth and Peter Flowers, have many decades of office, communications and digital technology experience. They wanted to set up a business that prides itself on focusing on the needs of its customers and are both passionate about helping clients ensure they operate efficiently and profitably. From the beginning, Merge Communications has been committed to an ethos for exceeding customer expectations for delivering quality, reliability, service, support and satisfaction.

We have spared no effort to ensure Merge Communications partners with world-leading reliable brands and video conferencing technologies.

All of our focus and energy has been centered on being the best digital workplace partner for our clients.

We continually watch the world's leading digital technologies to ensure our clients have the best and latest communications and digital tools to give them confidence that their business and people can always be communicating.

The Merge Communications team of industry professionals and experts are here to keep your business connected - no matter where you are in New Zealand or around the world!

Contact us.

We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us to set up a time for a no-obligation discussion so we can understand your needs, explain the Merge strategy and solutions to solve your challenges and outline how we can add value.

We would love to talk and keep your business connected.

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