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Unlock your full broadband potential

With more business-critical applications and services such as video conferencing being delivered over broadband, network outages, reliability issues or slow-downs could really hit your business hard. Putting in place the best broadband you can afford is a good investment.


Here at Merge Communications, we totally get that – we’ve put together a portfolio of business-specific broadband products and services.


Merge offers a range of affordable, fibre-based, ultra-fast broadband (UFB) products – all with unlimited data. You’ll never have to worry about data usage again. And if you can’t get UFB yet, we can supply the fastest copper or wireless alternative available to you.

Equipment refresh

No point in upgrading to UFB if your current network equipment is not up to it. Upgrade to genuine business-grade network equipment that can take full advantage of your UFB.

Cellular broadband failover

Add a cellular broadband connection with automatic failover. Make sure your business does not stop if your fixed broadband goes off the air.


Don’t let poor WiFi performance impact employee productivity or business performance. Engineer your WiFi for optimum reach and performance.

Managed network

Have us monitor and manage your network. We can monitor your broadband and router in real time and receive an alarm if there is an issue. We can update and manage your network remotely and avoid the need for costly site visits.

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