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2022 Videoconference Room Technologies & Systems

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

In 2020, the working dynamic has changed to one that requires more flexibility and creativity to accommodate digital communication. Conference rooms are now outfitted with systems and technologies that enable communication in a continuously changing environment, thanks to COVID-19 pandemic rules and expanding globalisation.

Businesses are adopting digital communications at a faster rate than ever before, because of large-scale videoconferencing platforms like BlueJeans, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, among other tools.

Monitor displaying virtual meeting

Technology for Conference Rooms in 2021

83 percent of employers consider their company's shift to working from home a success according to PwC's US Remote Work Survey in 2021. However, this does not rule out the possibility of your office becoming obsolete, as 87 percent of employees believe offices are necessary for cooperation and team building.

Maintaining interactive, cloud-based conferencing technology has become critical for organisations to connect effectively as more firms prefer a hybrid work environment with flexible working options.

While there are several technologies available, the following are the top five that will dramatically increase the efficiency of your meetings:

5 Technologies That Will Enhance Your Conference Room

1. Wireless Presentation System

A wireless conference room is a meeting space where guests can connect to a projector or screen wirelessly and display presentation material from their phone, tablet or laptop without the need for cables.

A USB connected device with WiFi modules has become one of the most commonly used wireless presentation systems in conference rooms.

With a wireless presentation system, you can streamline and enhance your meetings by:

  • Freeing up cables and general clutter

  • Not needing to rely on IT support and maintenance

  • Enabling everyone to use their own devices

  • Fast and seamless presentation set-ups

  • Encouraging collaboration and engagement

2. Interactive Flat Panels for Dynamic Meetings

Also known as smart whiteboards, interactive flat panels are large touch screens connected to a computer to serve as an integrated solution for projectors, microphones, audio and interactive engagement.

An interactive flat panel has an easy-to-use interface that enables calligraphy writing, intelligent graphics and forms, multiple displays for collaboration and more. It has become an essential tool for companies that have flexible working environments, modern conference rooms, training rooms and presentation suites.

Interactive flat panels can improve your meetings by:

  • Increasing engagement levels with interactive writing and collaboration features

  • Streamlining your meeting set-up process

  • Enabling seamless interaction in a flexible working environment

  • Improving meeting and company culture while engaging with employees that work from home

3. LED Video Walls as a Conference Room Display

An LED video wall is an innovative display for any conference room design. With less interactive capabilities than the interactive flat panel, LED video walls still bring various benefits to the conference room.

Today’s LED video walls offer no limitations in terms of resolution and brightness, ensuring that presentations are always visible and engaging. The easy-to-use technology doesn’t require complex installation or training for employees. Its simple plug-and-play feature is a quick and easy way to upgrade your conference room.

4. All-in-One Video and Audio Conference Tools

Unlike a typical webcam that only supports camera use, an all-in-one video and audio conference tool is typically equipped with professional-level microphones and a powerful speaker. It's a webcam that takes care of all of your meeting requirements with high ease of use.

With wide-angle lenses, the camera covers larger areas of your conference room. Having an all-in-one solution to video conferencing can free up time spent organising the conference room for meetings and improve productivity.

5. Conference Room Management Software

Conference room management software has become more vital than ever before to ensure people can easily access venues, plan meetings, and navigate their physical and hybrid spaces more effectively.

Using conference room management software will enable you to:

  • Identify and book available meeting rooms at any given time from your smartphone.

  • Improve transparency on conference room use to prevent double bookings.

  • If your plans change, you can cancel your reservation and notify your attendees automatically.

With all the changes we've experienced in the last couple of years, one thing remains certain: people need to meet. However, what has changed is how we meet – whether that is in person, virtually or both. With so many technologies available at our disposal today, we need to choose those that enhance productivity while improving meeting experiences.

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Merge Communications represents prestigious brands such as Maxhub, Bluejeans, Video Window and Quicklaunch. We search the globe for the best technologies needed in today's business ecosystem to ensure you can sell with confidence knowing you can provide the best solutions to your clients.

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