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Amazing Statistics on Virtual Conferencing

It is hardly surprising that an increase in video conferencing has been related to the pandemic and the requirement for distant work. Let's have a look at some incredible video conferencing statistics. Video conferencing and virtual meetings are proof that they are here to stay.

Businesses are using video conferencing for more than just internal communications; they are now using it for client meetings and customer engagements. Video conferencing solutions have become a professional necessity, regardless of whether the job is office-based, remote, or hybrid.

Growth in Video Conferencing

It's no surprise that video conferencing statistics mirror the significant increase in distant work.

  • By the end of 2022, the video will account for 82% of all worldwide IP traffic.

  • Because of the growing usage of video conferencing, 73% of employees report enhanced interdepartmental and inter-team communication.

  • 72% of businesses report increased client communication through video conferencing.

  • Productivity through Video Conferencing

One of the primary advantages of video conferencing is that it increases work efficiency and productivity. Multiple meetings can take place on the same day, depending on where the attendees are. This is not always practicable when attendees must travel to attend in-person sessions. Large-scale conferences with many attendees are also considerably easier to organise.

  • The biggest benefit of video conferencing systems, according to 94% of businesses, is increased productivity.

  • Video conferencing allows for easier cooperation across departments, which speeds up work processes. Almost 9 out of 10 employees think video chats help them do their duties faster.

  • Virtual meetings are equally or even more effective than in-person meetings, according to nearly 79% of working professionals.

  • During video conversations, meeting attendees are considerably less prone to multitask. Only 4% of employees reported multitasking during a video conference, compared to 57% who admitted to multitasking during a phone conversation.

  • According to video conferencing data, 41% of users report that businesses that employ video conferences have higher levels of team member engagement.

Video Conferencing is a Cost-Cutter

Video conferencing is an inexpensive method of communicating with employees, clients, and consumers. Businesses may select a package that suits their requirements and budget. There is no reason to spend money on transportation or lodging.

  • Travel expenditures are reduced by 30% when virtual meetings are held through video.

  • Its low cost is enticing company owners to invest in this technology. According to a poll of CFOs, 56% want to use video conferencing technologies to cut travel costs.

Customer Experience is Improved via Video Conferencing

Customers value video conferencing as well. Video conferencing not only saves time and money by lowering travel expenses, but it is also a useful tool for explaining products and services.

  • Companies that employ video conferencing solutions are viewed as more creative by 51% of respondents.

  • 90% of respondents said that communicating via video helps them get their thoughts across more effectively.

Video Conferencing Simplifies Human Resources.

There are several advantages to using video conferencing in a company, and this includes human resources. HR departments may use video conferencing to help them attract and retain personnel.

  • To locate new personnel, 86% of businesses currently undertake online interviews.

  • Video conferencing is preferred by 66% of candidates as part of the recruitment process.

Fun Facts and Statistics About Virtual Conferencing

As video conferencing grows more common in organisations of all sizes, here are a few more interesting statistics.

  • Mondays and Fridays are the worst days for virtual meetings.

  • Tuesday is the greatest day for virtual meetings.

  • Meetings are preferred by 80% of employees in the morning or just before lunch.

  • The recommended number of virtual meeting attendees is ten or fewer.

  • In 2021, 46% of online meetings will be between coworkers.

  • Over a quarter of working professionals experience peer pressure to turn on cameras even when it is not necessary.

  • More than half of virtual meeting participants (53%) thought it is OK to eat during calls.

There's little doubt that the epidemic has altered the way we work—and those changes appear to be permanent. The rise in the popularity of video conferencing has been one of the most significant shifts.

If you haven't already started using video conferencing in your business, now is the time! With so many advantages, there's no excuse not to try it.

BlueJeans' official partner in New Zealand is Merge Communications. Merge Communications can assist you in meeting your video conferencing requirements. Our whole team is committed to developing solutions for the digital workplace and ensuring that we can give our customers the greatest technical solutions at affordable pricing to help them build their businesses.

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