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BlueJeans Gateway with Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems for Highly Effective Video Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in today's workplace, and real-time communication via chat or online meetings can assist you in staying on top of assignments. BlueJeans Gateway with Microsoft Teams Room systems is an amazing alternative for conducting efficient virtual meetings with simple access capabilities!

Why is Microsoft collaborating with BlueJeans by Verizon?

Microsoft Teams may now enjoy the benefits of the native cloud-based infrastructure for improved real-time communication thanks to BlueJeans Gateway. This opens the door for virtual meetings to enter conference rooms and huddle spaces. It is simple to connect to any system because it interoperates, allowing for maximum flexibility with existing hardware investments.

What exactly is the Microsoft Teams Room System?

A Microsoft Teams Room system (MTR) is a conference room in which team members from various places can join and participate using various devices. The system is easy to set up and operate, and it offers a one-stop approach for video and audio conferencing as well as information sharing.

MTRs include a control panel that makes meeting management simple, and they support Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration for scheduling. They're also compatible with a broad number of auxiliary devices, such as microphones, cameras, and displays, allowing them to be tailored to the exact requirements of any meeting.

What is the relationship between Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans Gateway?

BlueJeans Gateway is a cloud-native, pure SaaS solution that allows you to connect all of your rooms to Microsoft Teams without the need for additional infrastructure support or downtime. It also includes global server load balancing and failover to reduce service outages. Furthermore, the Command Centre gives the service information you need to analyse ROI, address problems fast, and obtain all the data you need to make smart decisions.

The BlueJeans Gateway enables you to communicate with others using various forms of technologies, such as H323 or SIP-based systems. The BlueJeans Gateway, with over 1 billion cloud-connected room system minutes and compatibility for over 19,000 different room systems, makes it simple to connect your team with people using Microsoft Teams in boardrooms, meeting rooms, and huddle spaces.

The collaboration between Microsoft and BlueJeans by Verizon enables the full usage of Teams, the Microsoft Office 365 teamwork platform.

What are the Key Advantages of BlueJeans Gateway?

BlueJeans makes it simple to join a Microsoft team meeting. The solution leverages your existing network via Cisco, LifeSize, or Polycom to make transitioning from one system seamless and quick.

Meetings can be easily scheduled using the Client/Outlook Add-in. You can plan your meeting using one of these tools, and when you come into a room that has been pre-booked for an event or conference call, it will already be set up so that all participants only need to turn on their computers.

It is simple to work with a team. All you need is an internet connection to communicate, share files or material, and collaborate without leaving the room.

BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems is an excellent tool for keeping your team on track and organised. You can quickly build a virtual workspace for your team to operate in, and you may add individuals and resources as needed. The best feature of the system is that it's adjustable, so you can modify it to meet the particular needs of your team. You can also utilise the system to communicate with other teams, share files, and work on projects together.

BlueJeans with Microsoft Teams technologies are an excellent approach to improve team communication and productivity.

BlueJeans' official partner in New Zealand is Merge Communications. Merge Communications can assist you in meeting your video conferencing requirements. Our entire team is committed to developing solutions for the modern workplace and ensuring that we can give our customers the greatest technical solutions at competitive pricing to help them build their businesses.

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