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Guide to Video Conferencing for Remote Workers

Nothing stands out more in the realm of remote work trends than video conferencing. It's the new normal for how we communicate with our teams and clients. Because of the increase in remote work, there is a greater need for better video conferencing technologies that allow us to stay connected no matter where we are.

Video conferencing and remote work complement each other and are critical to increasing company efficiency. According to a Gartner survey, 78% of employers believe that telecommuting increases employee productivity. In addition, 84% of businesses believe that telecommuting saves pollution, traffic, and office costs.

To ensure the success of remote workers, create a remote work roadmap that promotes work-from-anywhere culture while increasing productivity within your firm. And it all begins with video conferencing.

Video conferencing has grown in popularity in recent years as businesses strive to increase productivity and remain competitive. By 2025, the worldwide video conferencing industry is estimated to expand to USD 26.82 billion. This expansion is being fuelled in part by the development of remote work.

How to Integrate Video Conferencing Into Your Organisation

Integrate It Into Your Communication Tools - Select a video conferencing tool that can be used on-site as well as remotely. BlueJeans is a remote communication solution that combines high-quality video and audio conferencing, chat, file sharing, and other features.

Employee Onboarding and Training - Your IT department will be critical in putting in place a training programme to ensure that all employees, remote workers, and supervisors understand how to best use the resources at their disposal. Once your management team understands how to use video conferencing solutions effectively, it may be incorporated into employee onboarding and training for on-site and remote workers.

One-on-One Check-Ins - When managing a remote team, managers should organise a series of meetings to imitate in-person contacts, such as one-on-one check-ins. One-on-one sessions should focus on goal formulation, organisational navigation methods, and career development. Meetings with clients and team members collaborating on a project can also benefit from one-on-one meetings.

Team Meetings - Video conferencing allows team members who are located in various parts of the world or even in different time zones to communicate more effectively. Additionally, video conferencing can help reduce missed meetings and make it easier for employees to stay current on company news and developments.

Breakout sessions in BlueJeans Meetings allow you to divide virtual meetings into different segments for interactive discussions, enabling more productive meetings.

Informal meetings, sometimes known as "water cooler conversations," should be planned regularly to allow the team to bond electronically. Virtual water cooler discussions foster clear communication for remote workers, allowing them to build teamwork and feel like a valuable members of the team. Chatting with coworkers, whether on personal or work-related matters, can generate new ideas that are good for the business culture.

The advantages of using video conferencing for telecommuters are obvious. Video conferencing can help your organisation drive productivity while working from home by lowering travel time and costs, improving collaboration between team members, and making it easier for employees to remain up to date on company news and developments. To put your firm up for success, remember to celebrate the work-from-anywhere culture while implementing video conferencing into your plan.

Video conferencing is a useful tool for telecommuters and can boost company productivity. When used properly, video conferencing may assist geographically dispersed teams to bridge the gap, give opportunities for face-to-face communication, and foster a feeling of community for remote workers.

Merge Communications can help you to smoothly integrate Video Conferencing into your business, using state-of-the-art technology like BlueJeans to ensure seamless communication.

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