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How Videoconferencing can help build the Virtual Team you Want

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Young man teaching a youg boy virtually on a laptop

The past two years have taught us that people can collaborate efficiently and creatively from any location, including their homes. The nature of remote work necessitates more intensive communication. The definition of a virtual team and the role that videoconferencing technologies play in creating a powerful virtual team are covered in this guide to virtual team building.

What is a Virtual Team?

A virtual team is made up of individuals who communicate using online communication tools while working remotely from various locations.

Virtual teams are now essential for successfully managing a business. The epidemic accelerated the trend toward virtual teamwork, which had been developing in the years preceding 2020.

Because of COVID-19, 64% of firms believe that the change to virtual teamwork will likely be a permanent one.

Since 75% of virtual teams worldwide report that distant communication helped them be more productive at work, it appears that concerns that they would be less productive than traditional teams were unfounded.

It's also not surprising that workers are content with these developments. However, what can you do as a company owner or leader in order to build a successful virtual team?

Guidelines for Effective Virtual Team Building

Communication Techniques. A successful communication plan is essential to creating your virtual team. Without one, communication and coordination among the scattered team members will be completely non-existent. A successful communication plan will ensure that information is accurate and timely, gets given to the virtual team members, and is simple to understand.

Invest in the Best Virtual Communication Tools and Technology. Choosing the right technology and virtual communication solutions for your virtual team helps keep things moving smoothly when you can no longer meet face-to-face on a daily basis.

To hold virtual meetings with remote employees, top-notch video conference technology is required. With the finest audio and visual fidelity available in the market, great productivity tools, and an extensive security toolbox, BlueJeans Meetings completely improves your video conferencing experience. With the use of virtual conference breakout rooms, you may also divide online meetings into smaller groups for interactive conversations. The virtual team members can form relationships and share knowledge more easily by using a chat service like Slack. Your team may stay organised and hold each other responsible for their objectives and duties by using additional project management tools like Asana to keep track of impending projects.

Have Definite Objectives and the Capacity to Monitor Them. Employees on virtual teams should have clear goals and commitments from their managers. Setting SMART Goals and ensuring that staff members are aware of expectations is crucial. Additionally, monitoring performance will enable you to hold a worker accountable and compile information on the strategies that aided to boost output.

Appreciation and Recognition. Virtual team members need to be recognised just as much, if not more. Even though they have a better work-life balance, remote employees still need to feel connected to and appreciated by the rest of the team. Another method to add a little more joy to a virtual workday is to do regular virtual team-building activities.

Flexibility and Adaptability. Successful virtual teams are those who adapt gracefully to changing circumstances as the internet landscape changes and the workplace swiftly changes.

Strong Leader. It should come as no surprise that managers who have prior experience managing a virtual team will perform better. Involving people in the team's leadership is another trait of strong leaders. Appointing members to lead virtual team-building exercises, coaching others in their areas of expertise, or assigning them as mentors to help onboard new team members are a few examples of how to assign responsibilities for special tasks.

The "new normal" in business depends on virtual teams. Thus, the first step in creating a productive virtual team is selecting the best virtual communication tools like BlueJeans.

Merge Communications is the official partner of BlueJeans in New Zealand.

Call Merge Communications today and discover a wide array of viedoconferencing equipment that can help you build your virtual team.

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