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Introducing the Security Center for Knox Asset Intelligence: Making Mobile Device Management simple

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

mobile device management

As the landscape of security threats evolves rapidly, and our tools become more efficient, it's imperative to have the best mobile device management. The ability to effectively manage security risks by assessing device vulnerabilities and applying necessary security patches has become indispensable for modern IT teams and Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

Samsung has been actively disclosing security vulnerabilities in our Galaxy devices since October 2015. In the Android ecosystem, we've committed to providing 5 years of security updates for our flagship devices, starting with the Galaxy S21 (2021) family. Our ongoing collaboration with Android ecosystem partners has strengthened our ability to consistently deliver security updates. These endeavors have significantly enhanced enterprise security with Samsung devices, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement in this regard.

At Samsung, we are dedicated to empowering the workplaces of tomorrow by offering versatile devices, optimized user experiences, and comprehensive security measures. Our mobile endpoint portfolio includes the Z-series, S-series, A-series, and rugged devices, each tailored to specific market segments.

Our rugged XCover and Tab Active series of devices have expanded the potential use cases for Samsung Galaxy endpoints in enterprises. These devices feature unique combinations of hardware and drivers, demanding the attention of enterprise IT administrators to track specific drivers in relation to security vulnerabilities.

To assist enterprise IT admins in this endeavor, we are taking a significant step forward in enhancing how we communicate security vulnerabilities through Samsung Knox.

Today, we are introducing the first iteration of the Security Center for Knox Asset Intelligence as a Labs feature within Knox Asset Intelligence, available to all enterprise customers. This feature enables granular tracking of device vulnerabilities across a fleet of supported Samsung devices, offering insights into the integrity status of devices regularly checked with Knox Attestation. It is a pioneering solution that maps vulnerabilities at a chipset level, specific to individual device models.

Without a clear understanding of the hardware and drivers within a device, customers have no means to accurately assess the risk posed by chipset vulnerabilities to their device fleet, identify impacted devices, or determine which devices could have been exploited.

With the deployment of Security Center for Knox Asset Intelligence, customers will now receive timely information on whether their device is affected by a vulnerability upon patch release. They can then make informed decisions tailored to the needs of their enterprise. When combined with the upcoming integration with Knox E-FOTA, Security Center for Knox Asset Intelligence will empower enterprises to make informed choices regarding firmware updates. E-FOTA offers precise control over firmware updates by providing a forced update feature that rapidly and effectively applies the latest firmware containing day-zero patches.

Alternatively, enterprises may choose to delay fleet upgrades for various reasons, including considerations related to enterprise app stability, compatibility, compliance, training, and device maintenance. By leveraging the insights from Security Center, enterprises can maintain full control and visibility over the impact of firmware updates, making informed decisions about the timing of fleet updates.

As Samsung Knox continues to focus on the convergence of Zero Trust and Data-Driven Intelligence, we remain committed to enhancing the toolsets available to enterprises for managing the security of Samsung endpoints. We will continue to refine this solution and address other aspects of security management. As with any Labs feature, there may be challenges along the way, and we encourage you to reach out to your designated Samsung Knox contact with any concerns. We sincerely appreciate your continued support of our products, and we trust that this product will serve your enterprise effectively.

To know more about Samsung Knox, reach out to Merge Communications today. Merge Communications is the official partner of Samsung in New Zealand.

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