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Launching of the BM35 Speakerphone by MAXHUB for Conferencing

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

BM35 speakerphone front and rear views

The BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone from MAXHUB offers exceptional audio quality and pick-up range for virtual meetings.

The latest Bluetooth speakerphone from MAXHUB, a provider of communication, conferencing, and collaboration solutions, is the BM35. According to the company, it ensures that every single detail is heard clearly. MAXHUB says that it is also a very useful conferencing tool with strong audio coverage in any meeting location. Through the company's global partners, the BM35 is now accessible.

A statement states that the BM35's 360-degree omnidirectional audio algorithms ensure that every voice is audible. Eight microphones enable crystal-clear, productive meetings, and its pick-up range may catch participants up to six metres away.

Collaboration that works and increased productivity

The BM35 facilitates seamless conferencing that seems as natural as a face-to-face conversation since it is optimised to keep human sounds clear. According to MAXUB, hybrid teams can connect using True Wireless Stereo to increase the range and reach more than 20 individuals at once.

The BM35 reduces background noise and unnecessary distractions with AI noise and acoustic echo cancellation. With its high-fidelity sound quality, the speakerphone improves meeting efficiency by intelligently absorbing and filtering out distracting noise.

The automatic gain control (AGC) feature of the BM35 enables participants' voices to stay at a constant volume even when they move around while speaking. The voice volume is dynamically adjusted by the device's simple algorithms. As a result, it guarantees a consistent result at the other end.

Today's top IT credentials range from platform-specific certificates from prominent IT vendors like Microsoft and Amazon to vendor-neutral certifications from groups like CompTIA, ISACA, and (ISC)2.

This speakerphone has full-duplex audio, which uses independent channels to distribute sound from the opposing sides. As a result, participants at either end of the meeting can converse simultaneously, adding dimension to natural-flowing meetings.

According to Maxhub, this gadget is portable and adjustable to any size meeting room and offers outstanding coverage in a variety of settings. It removes inconvenient wiring and gives teams unrestricted collaboration time thanks to its 4400MAh built-in battery, which has 30-hour battery life.

The latest offering from MAXHUB to enter the market for unified communications solutions is the powerful BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone. It provides an amazing listening experience for distortion-free, in-depth talks while perfectly capturing every phrase. The BM35, which offers highly immersive audio, was created with modern, hybrid meetings in mind.

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