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Merge Communications, Wellington, Presents Maxhub Teams Rooms: A New Era for New Zealand's Meeting

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Merge Communications are excited for Microsoft Teams Rooms users and resellers in New Zealand as Maxhub Teams Rooms enters the scene, poised to revolutionise the meeting room technology marketplace. A global audiovisual leader, Maxhub, has unleashed a certified Microsoft Teams Rooms product, sparking anticipation and curiosity across the business landscape.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Rumours in the industry suggest that Maxhub might hold a substantial price advantage over competing Teams Room products, potentially a 30% or more saving. Preliminary assessments indicate that the product is crafted with precision and care, reassuring potential users of its excellence.

For established corporate entities with technology predating the pandemic era, Maxhub's offering could not be timelier. Many of these organisations are considering technology upgrades in the coming years, and Maxhub's solution opens doors to comprehensive enhancements. With larger screen options and advanced features now seamlessly integrated into Teams Room software, businesses can elevate their communication experience significantly.

At the core of Maxhub Teams Rooms is the X-Core, a foundational MTR product incorporating a computing device and an intuitive tabletop touch controller. Complementing this, certified web cameras, audio devices, and video bars create a holistic communication ecosystem.

Maxhub's ambition is boundless. They've unveiled a progressive lineup of 21:9 aspect ratio wide-screen monitors, starting with an impressive 105" model and followed by a sleek 92" variant. These will provide expansive screen real estate for a superior Teams Meeting experience that's predicted to set the new standard.

Maxhub's presence in the market raises crucial questions for the local New Zealand Teams Rooms landscape. If established brands don't respond swiftly, Maxhub's innovative lineup could make considerable headway into their market share. Merge AV, a local distributor, is bracing for the anticipated demand, gearing up to provide inventory swiftly and efficiently.

In conclusion, Maxhub Teams Rooms signifies a paradigm shift in business communication and collaboration. With a winning blend of competitive pricing, innovative design, and continuous development, Merge Communication in Wellington believes Maxhub is poised to redefine meetings and interactions in New Zealand's business landscape. As the technological horizon evolves, businesses embracing this transformation stand to reap the rewards of a more connected and efficient work environment.

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