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PC Pro Recommends the MAXHUB UC S10 as an Excellent SMB Solution

PC Pro Magazine is a major journal in the United Kingdom that reviews all of the latest technology on the market and has a core readership of IT Professionals.

In their most recent Video Conferencing System Buyer's Guide, they assessed the MAXHUB UC S10. The UC S10 receiving 5/5 stars and the PC PRO RECOMMENDED Award is a fantastic honour. Here's what they had to say:

"The UC S10 is one of the most adaptable VC bars available. It may be linked to a host computer via USB or used as a standalone Android-based conferencing system. It also provides wireless screen-sharing for up to four concurrent users and may function as a meeting-room wifi hotspot."

The PC Pro team was satisfied with the UC S10 solution's simplicity and user-friendliness, claiming that it provided the following:

"Excellent clear icons for starting the Chrome browser, accessing local storage, changing system settings, upgrading firmware, and, of course, launching various conferencing programmes."

The video bar was also lauded in the study for allowing many platforms to operate on the appliance. Even so, when you consider Cisco WebEx Meet, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral MVP, Skype, and Skype for Business, most corporate communications platforms are covered.

While evaluating the MAXHUB UC S10's compatibility with various apps, the evaluation emphasises how simple it is to connect the MAXHUB device.

"In everyday usage, the UC S10 is as straightforward as you could wish for; simply select your app, input your account information, and begin your meeting."

The evaluation team was satisfied with hybrid meetings, discovering that distant meeting attendees liked the "crisp image and clear sound quality from the mic array."

The auto-tracking capabilities of the MAXHUB UC S10 are one of its most notable features, as the team at PC Pro noticed that it only took two seconds for the UC S10 to zoom in on the speaker and then effortlessly stay along with them as they wandered about the room.

The screen-sharing tool was also highly welcomed, with the following comments from the team:

"We had no trouble getting Windows and iPad screens to show side by side on our room's monitor and presenting to all meeting attendees utilising the local VC App's screen-sharing service."

In conclusion, PC Pro recommends the MAXHUB UC S10 for tiny conference rooms and huddle spaces, making it an excellent choice for SMB situations.

The review team's concluding words are as follows:

"The MAXHUB UC S10" operates as a linked or standalone solution, with excellent video and audio quality, faultless speaker tracking, and support for a variety of popular cloud video conferencing apps."

Truly, MAXHUB is a market leader in intelligent displays and audiovisual technologies for communication and collaboration. As an R&D-driven organisation, we create a variety of industry-leading solutions that help people stay connected and collaborate more efficiently and successfully.

Merge Communications is New Zealand's premier AV and meeting room technology provider of MAXHUB's cutting-edge technology.

Learn the Merge Communications difference as we collaborate with you to ensure your company's success.

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