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Personalised Mobile Devices: Elevating Brand Experience in the Palm of Your Hand with SAMSUNG Knox

Samsung Knox

In a world saturated with stock mobile devices, customised or unique ones stand out, capturing our attention and igniting our curiosity. Companies can harness the power of device customisation to direct that attention towards their brand.

Businesses often distribute mobile devices as gifts, incentives, or tools for specific functions or events. With a touch of creativity, businesses can elevate these devices into unique, branded experiences that not only spotlight their brand but also enhance user satisfaction.

The Benefits of Device Customisation for Brand and User

Innovative device customisation offers brands a means to differentiate themselves from the competition. Whether through a functional tweak or a beautifully branded home/lock screen, customisation transforms a standard device into a potent marketing tool.

Consider a bank offering a mobile phone as a sign-up bonus for a savings account. While the initial allure may attract new customers, preloading the device with the bank's app ensures a seamless user experience, fostering long-term brand loyalty.

Similarly, vehicle manufacturers can leverage branded devices to sweeten the deal for potential buyers. A device preloaded with an app that controls the vehicle, coupled with a stunning wallpaper, enhances the overall buying experience and fosters brand loyalty.

Leading brands have already capitalised on the power of device customisation. BMW's bundled Galaxy S23 device, adorned with BMW-themed apps and custom backgrounds, exemplifies the allure of branded experiences.

The Benefits of Branded Devices

Branded devices offer three immediate benefits for businesses:

  1. Increased Brand Recognition: Incorporating logos into daily-use devices ensures constant brand exposure, reinforcing brand awareness.

  2. Longer Customer Relationships: Preloaded devices with branded apps increase the likelihood of continued engagement throughout the device's lifespan.

  3. Enhanced Brand Experiences: Customizing devices to meet user needs improves overall satisfaction, leading to higher customer recommendations and loyalty. Unlocking the Benefits with Knox Configure

Samsung's Knox Configure provides a comprehensive solution for device customisation. This cloud-based tool enables businesses to remotely configure Samsung devices at scale, delivering tailor-made experiences right out of the box.

Knox Configure offers three key benefits:

  1. Custom Branded User Experiences: Customize startup/shutdown animations, app icons, and lock screens to create a cohesive branded experience.

  2. Preloaded Apps and Content: Preload devices with apps and adjust home screen shortcuts to maximize user engagement.

  3. Unique Branded Experiences: Manage branded devices remotely while ensuring data compliance, fostering continuous customer engagement.  

Real-world Success Stories

Leading brands have leveraged Knox Configure to drive marketing initiatives and create niche products. Publishers transformed digital subscriptions into tangible experiences, while LG U+ pioneered kid-friendly smartphones, both powered by Knox Configure.

Unlocking Creative Power with Knox Configure

Knox Configure empowers brands to unleash their imagination, creating tailored solutions to thrive in a customer-centric world. Just as smartphones are versatile tools for businesses, Knox Configure serves as a workshop where brands can craft bespoke solutions to achieve success.

If you want to know more about Samsung Knox, call Merge Communications.

Merge Communications is the official partner of Samsung Know in New Zealand.

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