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Samsung Knox Knows the Significance of Device Analytics in Enhancing Fieldwork Management

Samsung Knox

In the realm of fieldwork management, SAMSUNG Knox smartphones have emerged as indispensable tools for enhancing employees' capabilities in the field. Beyond their obvious convenience, these devices grant instant access to essential applications and real-time data, revolutionising productivity. In an era where technology plays an increasingly central role in fieldwork, companies naturally seek greater insights into how these devices function in practice, ensuring they contribute positively to daily operations.

As any business knows, data is paramount. It proves instrumental both in the IT department, where technology is maintained and at the executive level, where comprehensive data shapes strategic decisions.

The good news is that with the advent of smart devices, especially those equipped with solutions like Samsung's Knox Suite, businesses can bridge the data gap effectively. Here's how:

The Vital Role of Mobile Devices in Fieldwork

Fieldwork encompasses tasks conducted outside traditional office environments, with distinct requirements in various sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, or construction. Specialised mobile devices have programmable keys that enable customised access to specific apps and features. For instance, push-to-talk functionality allows real-time communication among team members, facilitating frontline collaboration.

These devices find versatile applications across industries, providing retailers, first responders, and logistics teams with the ability to integrate separate applications for inventory tracking and last-mile delivery management. Furthermore, their durability makes them cost-effective over time compared to conventional smartphones or tablets.

However, devices are only one facet of the equation. Often, IT departments require real-time insights into device performance to respond proactively. Knox Suite equips IT administrators with the data necessary to monitor these devices in the field.

Enhanced Visibility into System Data

As a device manufacturer and software provider, Samsung possesses the essential elements to optimise fieldwork. Knox Suite offers enhanced visibility into system data that might otherwise remain inaccessible, including application usage, battery health, and Wi-Fi usage.

This data empowers teams to identify and address issues as they arise. For example, if devices frequently force-quit mission-critical applications, Knox Suite allows IT admins to detect and address these issues on the fly. Even when IT teams aren't physically present in the field, they have real-time insights into device performance, enabling swift solutions to keep field teams focused.

Similarly, if there are instances of high latency between cloud-based applications and on-ground devices, this can be addressed promptly, ensuring optimal performance.

In essence, with the right field services management technology, employee experiences can be optimised in real time.

Mitigating Mobile Device Downtime

The ability to optimise devices in the field goes beyond convenience. When devices malfunction, team members face challenges in carrying out their tasks effectively. These issues can range from basic problems like forgetting to charge devices.

A survey by B2M Annual State of Enterprise Mobility in 2022 highlighted common issues faced by employees, including fast battery drain and network connection problems. While these issues might be minor inconveniences for consumers, they can lead to significant time and cost losses for companies.

Knox Suite excels at addressing these problems as they emerge, particularly concerning battery life. For instance, if a device experiences unusually rapid battery drain, Knox Suite's asset intelligence can issue warnings that pinpoint various battery drain events. It identifies when devices experience heavy use, which apps are causing erratic battery drain, and when devices have low battery life.

Should a significant anomaly occur, the data reflects it, enabling prompt action, whether it's recharging a device in need or determining if it needs replacement. Furthermore, Knox Suite can detect and mitigate application issues, such as crashes or battery-draining apps, allowing IT admins to block problematic apps remotely.

Knox Suite, incorporating Knox Asset Intelligence, empowers IT teams to respond rapidly to emerging issues, helping maintain fieldwork efficiency. Customisable tracking hours can be set, ensuring that devices are monitored during specific shifts, optimising resource allocation.

As a field management service, Knox offers in-depth visibility into daily application usage, wireless connections, and battery life, enabling more precise issue diagnosis and resolution.

Device Analytics for Enhanced Productivity

The benefits of device analytics extend beyond IT departments; they present opportunities for improved productivity across various functions. In recent years, the field of "people analytics" has gained traction, involving the integration of human resources data and operational data into actionable insights. However, many organisations struggle to implement this concept effectively due to poor data integration between technology teams and HR departments.

Samsung's Knox Suite bridges this gap by offering real-time data. The data points it provides, such as device locations and battery life, can serve as the basis for dashboards, making analytics readily accessible. This allows managers to address challenges like connectivity issues or downtime promptly, improving productivity.

Gaining a Competitive Edge with Device Usage Analytics

Equipping employees with capable mobile devices is just the first step. These devices open up analytics capabilities that were once difficult to quantify. Combined with robust asset management, they not only provide access to critical data in the field but also save time and money while reducing unnecessary work.

Unified endpoint management (UEM), the practice of managing technology through a centralised interface, is an important goal for many companies, offering benefits in security and automation. Gartner estimates that nearly 90% of client devices will utilise some form of UEM by 2025, streamlining device management.

Knox Suite unlocks proprietary data points, which companies can use to manage device fleets more effectively. This data analysis enables the detection of issues before they become critical problems, ultimately saving money and enhancing productivity.

Knox Suite Analytics for Fieldwork Productivity

In summary, to make the most of employees' time and the devices they use in the field, Knox Suite, in collaboration with Knox Asset Intelligence, uncovers new productivity opportunities. Fieldwork management analytics offer more than just data points; they reshape the way organisations operate, enabling faster and more effective customer service.

For teams seeking to maximise the potential of their fieldwork devices, contact Merge Communications. Merge Communications can provide further insights into the possibilities offered by Knox Suite.

Merge Communications is the official partner of SAMSUNG Knox.

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