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Enhancing Efficiency and Security with Samsung Knox Authentication Manager for Shared Mobile Devices

As mobile devices continue to play an increasingly integral role in everyday business processes, ensuring your employees are equipped with devices that boost their productivity has become paramount. However, in the context of shared devices in frontline operations, the repetitive and manual sign-in processes for various apps can hinder efficiency. This is where an autofill app can be a game-changer, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

What is an Autofill App?

An autofill app, such as a password manager, leverages the Android autofill framework to store and automatically fill in user information like usernames and passwords. However, the power of sign-in automation extends beyond this, creating a seamless single sign-on (SSO) experience.

With sign-in automation, users no longer need to invest time typing out their usernames and passwords for apps that require manual sign-in. Moreover, users can bid farewell to the need to remember multiple passwords, eliminating delays caused by incorrect password entries. These features translate into less time spent on cumbersome sign-in processes and more focus on core job responsibilities.

Addressing Concerns with Shared Device Fleets

In the context of shared device fleets, productivity is not the sole concern. Protecting user data is equally vital. Unfortunately, many password managers are ill-suited for scenarios where multiple users share the same mobile devices.

This is where Samsung's Knox Suite steps in, adding value for enterprises with shared device fleets. Through Knox Authentication Manager, Knox Suite offers the advantages of a highly automated password manager while safeguarding user data and simplifying device use.

Introducing Samsung’s Knox Authentication Manager

Knox Authentication Manager is a recent addition to Knox Suite, serving as an automated password manager for fully managed Samsung devices. This innovative app works in tandem with your Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to expedite sign-ins on shared devices.

Here's how it works: New users first sign into a UEM shared device launcher or Azure AD on a mobile device and subsequently register for Knox Authentication Manager. Currently, Knox Authentication Manager is compatible with three UEMs: Samsung Knox Manage, SOTI MobiControl, and VMWare Workspace ONE, with plans to support Microsoft Intune in the next release.

Once registered, Knox Authentication Manager employs facial authentication to automate sign-ins on shared devices. After registration, it securely saves and autofills users' credentials for work apps that require manual sign-in, offering an SSO-like experience, even for apps lacking SSO integration.

Three Ways Knox Authentication Manager Saves You Time

Like any password manager, Knox Authentication Manager minimizes the time users spend entering sign-in details. However, with facial biometrics and sign-in automation, Knox Authentication Manager takes efficiency a step further.

Facial Biometrics for Enhanced Efficiency: Users can register their faces and create a PIN when enrolling for Knox Authentication Manager. Subsequently, to sign into a shared device, users enter their PIN and scan their face. Knox Authentication Manager takes care of the rest, automating the sign-in process.

Eliminating Authentication Friction: By automating sign-ins for work apps, Knox Authentication Manager eliminates authentication friction. After registration, users are prompted to save their credentials for any work app that requires manual sign-in. Once saved, Knox Authentication Manager automates future sign-ins for that app.

Dramatic Productivity Gains: During the beta phase, Knox Authentication Manager achieved remarkable productivity improvements, reducing average sign-in times by 70-80%, from 30-40 seconds to just 8 seconds. While the exact time saved may vary based on the app, Knox Authentication Manager undeniably accelerates the process.

For frontline workers, automating sign-in flows not only enhances productivity but also bolsters safety, particularly for those operating in hazardous conditions.

Simplifying Shared Device Use with Knox Authentication Manager

Beyond efficiency gains and safety enhancements, Knox Authentication Manager offers additional benefits. It securely syncs user profiles across shared devices, enabling users to sign up on one device and, during their next shift, seamlessly transition to another device by entering their PIN and scanning their face. This syncing process is orchestrated through device groups defined by administrators or auto-defined based on Wi-Fi subnets.

To ensure user data remains secure, Knox Authentication Manager implements multiple security measures. Profile syncing does not involve storing data on the cloud or a server, reducing the workload of IT administrators responsible for managing user profiles and server-stored data.

In conclusion, if your enterprise aims to equip employees with mobile devices that elevate productivity, a password manager solution can be instrumental. However, for managed, shared device fleets, additional features are necessary. Knox Suite, with Knox Authentication Manager, offers all the advantages of a password manager while streamlining device management for a faster, safer shared device experience. Reclaim valuable time with Knox Authentication Manager—connect with Merge Communications to learn more.

Merge Communications is the official partner of SAMSUNG Knox in New Zealand.

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