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Simplifying Fleet Management with Merge Communications’ Samsung Knox

The landscape of fleet management is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, marked by continuous advancements and the prominent buzzword "digitisation." According to Strategic Market Research (SMR)1, the global digital logistics market is projected to attain a value of $77.52 billion by 2030, boasting a remarkable CAGR of 17.54%. The impact of this transformation is evident, with 74% of surveyed fleets indicating increased adoption of digital solutions post-pandemic2, and 64% of trucking executives3 underscoring the pivotal role of digital reinvention in their organisation's future success.

Embracing digitisation encompasses more than simply providing devices for each fleet member. True digitisation necessitates the integration of intelligent devices alongside digital solutions capable of addressing the diverse challenges confronting modern logistics firms, both within their operational spaces and on the road. Although logistics and fleet management software undeniably alleviate existing issues such as asset tracking, equipment maintenance, and device functionality, the adoption of digital solutions introduces its own set of challenges in scaling and efficiently managing software across expansive fleets. Striking a balance amid these complexities becomes a mission-critical endeavor for fleet managers striving to retain their competitive edge in the years ahead.

Within office settings, companies grapple with concerns surrounding device procurement, cumbersome device management, recurrent instances of device theft or loss, and difficulties in conveying usage instructions to drivers. Drivers, too, encounter challenges with digital solutions, citing device fragility, lack of in-transit device troubleshooting options, and the inefficiency of resorting to manual paperwork when digital solutions falter. Furthermore, managers highlight the potential for device misuse for personal purposes, which can hamper driver productivity and impede overall fleet efficiency.

Introducing Knox for Transportation

In the realm of addressing these challenges, Samsung presents Knox for Transportation—a transformative blend of rugged Galaxy Tablets and the Knox Suite—offering a comprehensive and dependable fleet management solution tailored for the logistics sector.

The rugged Galaxy Tab Active series stands resilient against demanding conditions. Meeting stringent MIL-STD 810Hi (including Anti-shock) standards set by the US Military, these robust devices endure thorough assessment of their limitations. Additionally, they possess IP68ii certification, signifying the highest level of water and dust resistance, enabling them to withstand submersion and dusty environments.

Knox Suite amalgamates Samsung's streamlined IT management, comprehensive device safeguarding, and in-depth data analysis capabilities into a unified suite of tools, empowering companies to proactively maximize their operational efficiency.

Through industry-standard hardware and software tailored to the transportation sector, businesses can achieve ELD compliance with ease, transforming Samsung tablets into dedicated ELDs using Kiosk mode.

Driver-Centric Readiness

Effective device management solutions hinge on capable devices, and the Galaxy Tab Active series serves as the ideal foundation for Knox for Transportation. These devices feature touch-sensitive screens that operate even when drivers are wearing gloves, saving time and enabling users to maintain their protective gear while using the device.

Leveraging Knox Suite, transportation and logistics entities can minimise manual tasks and adhere to ELD regulations by converting tablets into ELDs via Kiosk mode. Devices can be swiftly configured remotely using Knox Suite, ready for immediate use by drivers. IT administrators can further boost productivity by implementing restrictions to curtail personal usage, fostering driver focus on the road and secure, efficient deliveries. Should drivers encounter issues, Knox Remote Support empowers hands-on troubleshooting for devices on the move—administrators can view and control the device screen remotely.

Unwavering Security and Efficiency in Device Management

Samsung Knox epitomises security, data protection, and compliance adherence. The Knox Admin Portal, a cornerstone of Knox Suite, empowers corporate IT to seamlessly load work apps and files onto corporate devices, bypassing the need for manual downloads and installations by drivers.

Knox Suite facilitates monitoring device utilisation during business hours, optimising workflows by confirming fleet locations and the correctness of their positions via GPS and Wi-Fi data. Furthermore, administrators can prompt drivers to record their current location via remote commands.

Security with Knox extends beyond device tracking. In case of device loss or theft during duty, Knox Suite grants IT administrators the ability to remotely disable the lost device, or limit and lock its functionality via the Knox Admin Portal, safeguarding confidential corporate data.

Enhancing Business Continuity

Effective device management in the transportation industry faces challenges due to drivers' constant mobility, making device updates and data submission difficult. Knox Suite resolves this by centralising device management, enabling secure deployment, analysis, and data handling across multiple devices through a unified interface, independent of driver involvement. This proves invaluable when managing devices operating in disparate directions, often spanning vast distances.

IT administrators can ensure devices remain in optimal condition by analysing battery health, Wi-Fi usage, and app activity. Necessary OS updates can be scheduled during non-use hours, eliminating downtime.

Knox Suite also optimises fleet performance. It facilitates vehicle tracking, driver performance analysis, and route optimization to enhance workflows. Customised dashboards, tailored with pertinent information and actionable insights, enable drivers to preemptively address issues, minimising interruptions and work stoppages.

In Essence, a Path to Business Excellence

Samsung Knox is an indispensable addition for transportation and logistics businesses seeking to streamline operations, bolster productivity, comply with ELD regulations, enhance device life cycles, and fortify security. Paired with rugged Galaxy Tablets, Knox Suite offers a dependable, intelligent in-vehicle mobile device solution for the transportation workforce. Explore the potential of this offering by reaching out to Merge Communications.

Merge Communications is the official partner of Samsung in New Zealand.

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