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The Four Most Important Advantages of a Unified Communications System

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

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While the pandemic has presented numerous challenges and impediments, it has also provided the door for improved communication and technology tools.

Businesses have adopted digital solutions in response to the development of remote work, allowing employees to interact effortlessly whether they are in the office or working remotely. With the use of various technologies, such as a unified communications (UC) system, they may efficiently collaborate.

While diverse industries rely on video conferencing or other messaging services to communicate with coworkers, a unified communications system would be more beneficial to businesses than a collection of incompatible solutions.

All company communication demands can be met with a UC system, which is a high-tech digital solution. Here's how it helps teams adjust to a dynamic, international, and fast-paced work environment.

What is a UC System?

A Unified Communications (UC) system is a collaborative tool that allows a distributed team to communicate in real time. It integrates several pieces of equipment, software, and services to create a unified communications channel that can be integrated into an organization's current networks and systems.

It's no surprise that 42 percent of businesses have boosted their usage of UC systems because of the benefits they provide. UC products will assist different organizations depending on their needs.

Top Four Benefits of a Unified Communication System

UC technologies reduce distractions and boost productivity by merging numerous digital tools into a single platform. Let's look at some of the (many) advantages of a UC system.

1. Improvements of Communications and Collaboration

Communication is essential for keeping a team focused on common goals. UC systems contain collaboration-focused solutions including Voice Over IP (VoIP), video communications, and messaging platforms that make it simple to operate as a team.

The possibility for water cooler talks and brainstorming ideas is being lost as an increasing number of team members work from home. Remote employees can participate in these talks and boost collaboration through UC.

2. Increased Productivity

According to a poll, organizations that used UC saw a 52 percent rise in worker productivity and a 45 percent increase in corporate efficiency.

The ease of communication provided by UC increases work completion rates since it allows team members to communicate as needed, on whatever platform or device they want. The channels allow for two-way communication, resulting in faster feedback and fewer bottlenecks.

3. Increased Customer Service

While UC can help with internal processes, it can also help with customer service. Your clients are turning to digital solutions to satisfy their demands as they adopt remote work, and having UC systems in place can be useful to them.

You may improve customer service and satisfaction by using UC to:

- Allowing customers to communicate in their chosen manner

- Making use of remote agents

- Improving audio quality for a more effective conversation

4. Increased Revenue

It's no surprise that you can increase profitability by improving cooperation, productivity, and customer service.

According to research, 34.3 percent of companies saved an average of $161,000 a year by switching to cloud-based UC systems and removing redundant apps. Businesses can save costs, increase revenue, and optimize profit by deploying a UC system.


There's no doubting that the workplace dynamic has evolved dramatically, and that trend is certain to continue. A unified communications system can help your company run more smoothly and generate more income by reducing snags, miscommunication, and failed projects.

For the best unified communications solutions, Merge Communications has the answer. Merge Communications is the official partner of Maxhub in New Zealand and for brands like BlueJeans, Video Window and Quicklaunch.

Call Merge Communications today to learn more about the best unified communications system.

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