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Advancing Innovation: The Evolution of Samsung Knox Cloud Solutions

Samsung Knox

At Samsung, our commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience drives us to embrace innovation continually. In our pursuit of excellence, the Samsung Knox team has undertaken significant efforts to modernise Knox cloud solutions, ensuring that our enterprise users benefit from cutting-edge technology and seamless operations.

Key Modernisation Initiatives

1. Scalability:

Migration to OpenSearch: To accommodate the increasing volume of customer requests, we've transitioned our activity log data to OpenSearch. This not only ensures real-time access to log data but also provides enhanced scalability.

Benefits of OpenSearch: Enjoy the compatibility and efficiency of OpenSearch, with customizable plugins that enhance search, security, and analytics functionalities.

2. Stability:

Containerisation: Embracing emerging container technology, we've adopted a containerised approach to manage growing customer requests and services. This enables our Knox cloud services to automatically scale based on demand, ensuring stability even during peak usage periods.

3. Flexibility:

Micro-Frontend Architecture: The Knox Admin Portal has undergone a transformation with the implementation of a micro-frontend architecture. Breaking it into smaller, self-contained service components allows for independent updates. This agility facilitates quicker feature additions and reduces testing time, ensuring a user-centric experience.

Evolution of the Knox Admin Portal

Understanding the Knox Admin Portal:

The Knox Admin Portal serves as a unified front-end project, streamlining admin consoles for Knox cloud services. Previously updated in one major release, its new architecture empowers teams to update each service independently.

Benefits of the Improved Portal:

Faster and seamless customer request handling

Infrastructure prepared for business growth

Advanced user-centric experience with faster feature additions

Introducing the Knox Webhook Notification API

Addressing Customer Needs:

API as an Alternative: To meet customer requests for hosting Knox cloud services on their solutions, we introduced the Knox Webhook Notification API. This asynchronous alternative minimises resource consumption, offering faster time-to-market for features and improved service performance.

Final Thoughts on Modernisation

As we embark on our B2B journey, our commitment to empowering our customers remains steadfast. The modernisation of Knox cloud solutions, prioritising scalability, stability, and flexibility, aims to enhance the customer experience by fulfilling requests faster, catering to customized needs, and supporting a future of high-growth and scalability.

Our goal is to create the best Knox cloud solution experience for years to come. With innovations like OpenSearch, containerisation, and micro-frontend architecture, we look forward to shaping the future of enterprise technology.

To learn more about Samsung Knox Cloud Solutions, contact Merge Communications.

Merge Communications is Samsung Knox's official partner in New Zealand.

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