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Best Advice for Developing Your Virtual Sales Capabilities

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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By 2025, 80% of all B2B sales contacts, according to Gartner, will take place online. This transition to digital was made possible by the medium's capacity to increase productivity through effective communication, more readily available information, and less travel time.

In order to close agreements more quickly, sales representatives have access to more potential customers and a wider range of tools, such as cutting-edge video conferencing equipment. The majority of B2B buyers are now willing to make large-ticket purchases above $50,000 since they are so confident when making their purchases online.

However, delivering a presentation virtually has its own set of difficulties, including dealing with multitasking, easily distracted clients, building and maintaining online connections, reading the room remotely, and technical difficulties.

Here are our top recommendations to assist you improve your virtual sales abilities so you can overcome these obstacles and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tip 1: Do Your Client and Competition Research

To customise your presentation and give your audience relevant information, research is essential. If you give your audience irrelevant content, they will stop paying attention and divert their attention to other things, like checking other applications and responding to emails. Know your client well, understand what they stand for, and thoroughly investigate their rivals.

You must be aware of your meeting participants, their influences on decision-making, and possible inquiries.

Additionally, you need to be aware of your rivals and how your goods or services stack up. What is your promise of value? How can you attend to the demands and problems of your clients? Have case studies available to back up your pitch.

Tip 2: Invest in High-Quality

Even the strongest virtual presenting abilities will be useless without reliable video conferencing equipment. Poor audio and picture quality can not only annoy your audience but also increase the chance that they will entirely miss your message.

Increase the impact of your presentation by using a 4K camera that can record vivid imagery and adjust to various lighting situations. Whether in a workplace or at home, you should always present from the optimal viewpoint, therefore make sure your camera can be adjusted for every situation.

Additionally, engaging your audience requires crystal-clear audio. Your ability to make a professional and long-lasting impression will be enhanced by using a speakerphone with clever noise reduction. Learn more about MAXHUBs excellent video conferencing solution for every business setting, from your home office to boardroom-sized meeting spaces.

To create a seamless, uninterrupted sales pitch, don't forget to test your technology and become familiar with all of its functions before your presentation.

Tip 3: Minimise Possible Distractions

Mobile phones are easily accessible to virtual audiences, and notifications from desktop and mobile apps are difficult to ignore. You want your audience to be totally focused on you rather than reading through their chat notifications and catching up on emails. You need to be well prepared before your appointment since you don't want to start your presentation with your audience distracted as you organise your slideshow.

Think about your video background as well. Try a neutral, unobtrusive visual instead of one that is active, colourful, and extremely stimulating to avoid detracting from your own focus. Download your favourite virtual backdrops and include them in meetings that Zoom suggests you attend. Use with caution since virtual backgrounds can impede your connectivity. Additionally, as you move, they may slightly alter your physique and turn into distractions.

Don't forget to turn off your gadgets and quit any apps that have pop-up notifications. The importance of this increases when screen-sharing.

Tip 4: Produce and Deliver Interesting Content

Start by personalising your content, addressing their unique aims and pain points, and highlighting interesting features if you want to keep your audience engaged from beginning to end.

As you support each of your ideas, use your slides to direct the conversation. In order to keep on brand, they should be aesthetically pleasing and ideally built in partnership with your marketing team. However, they shouldn't be overly cluttered so that your audience is completely ignored. So that they listen to you more than they read your slides, keep text-based content to a minimum.

Wherever possible, foster teamwork by employing a digital whiteboard solution that enables you to truly unpack complex concepts. As an alternative, incorporate interactive exercises in between presentations to get useful input.

You can keep your audience interested and connected by sharing stories and creating material that grabs attention and piques curiosity. However, make sure to deliver information in an equally captivating manner to prevent the impulse to multitask.

Tip 5: Be an Expert with Your Equipment and Presentation

Knowing your conferencing equipment well and out can not only guarantee a seamless presentation, but also make you feel more at ease and certain when giving it. Learn how to use all the buttons and tools, including those for recording, adjusting mic settings, switching hosts, and using annotation features, before your meeting. The high-tech conferencing solutions offered by MAXHUB are simple to learn and use, install, manage, and package throughout its product line.

Additionally, you must understand your presentation and what each slide's next position is. To learn what works and what doesn't, as well as where you can lose your client's attention, practise your presentation multiple times on your own with a coworker.

Consider how long it takes for documents to load and for screen sharing before beginning your presentation because prolonged breaks could annoy your audience.

Tip 6: Attaching Cameras

Gong claims that switching on your camera makes a difference. When your audience is recording, there is a 94% increase in favourable sales and even greater outcomes. Additionally, you'll be able to read their facial reactions and body language, which will enable you to modify your presentation.

As you present, you'll need to look your best, pay attention to your body language, and try to make as much eye contact with your audience as you can. Establishing a visual connection strengthens relationships and contributes to the development of trust. Always start with your camera up because doing so quietly persuades your customer to do the same.

Tip 7: Utilise Interactive Multimedia Content

Keep your audience interested by including a variety of material formats in your presentation, such as infographics, pictures, videos, and charts. One of the most popular methods of information consumption among consumers is interactive material with video, but make sure it's pertinent and enhances your presentation.

Company brochures are particularly beneficial because you may annotate and underline important information on them. A more collaborative experience is supported by the fact that your audience may engage with your material.

The numerous other tools and technology at your disposal, including virtual sales presentations, are here to stay. Your bottom line will ultimately profit from improving your digital sales abilities because you'll be able to access a larger market and close more deals.

Tools and technology that Merge Communications has. At Merge Communications, its complete focus is to provide you with the latest digital technologies that allows your business to operate efficiently, profitably and professionally. Merge Communications is the official partner of BlueJeans in New Zealand that can help you close that sales through videoconferencing.

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