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Know how to work at home with BlueJeans Rooms

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

People attendng a virtual meeting

BlueJeans Rooms turns any space into a simple video meeting room with minimal end-user training and straightforward IT management, all while enhancing workforce collaboration.

Any room can be converted into a video conference room

BlueJeans Rooms makes video simple and straightforward to utilize in any space. With in-room access to BlueJeans Meetings and Events, you can improve employee communication and collaboration. Modernize your workplaces and link offices, employees, partners, and customers in a seamless manner.

Configurations that adapt to your needs

You may customize an in-room video system using BlueJeans Rooms to meet your specific needs. To maximize your desired television and audio arrangement, use your existing room system or purchase off-the-shelf components.

Clears clutter with an award-winning room experience

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice provide an unrivaled meeting room system experience. BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice delivers the finest opportunity for meeting attendees to accomplish their best work with a differentiated package of capabilities that includes intelligent video, world-class audio, and enterprise-grade administration.

Touch-screen meeting control that is quick and simple

With just one touch, you can start and control a video meeting in any room. Without wires or dongles, share presentations, papers, and other content wirelessly from your laptop from wherever in the meeting room. Rooms can be reserved for ad-hoc or pre-scheduled meetings using Microsoft and Google calendar connections.

IT will find it simple to implement, monitor, and manage

Easy IT administration and installation reduce setup costs and accelerate ROI. Bulk provisioning, remote device monitoring, and diagnostics are all possible with centralized administration, which speeds up deployment and increases uptime.

Meetings can be started with a single click

One touch to start, join, and manage meetings. Spend as little time as possible attempting to make room equipment operate.

Intelligent sensor technology

Without pre-scheduling or reserving a room, enter a room using your smartphone and easily attend an in-room meeting.

Integrations with calendars

Integrate the meeting schedule for the room with both Microsoft and Google calendaring systems to allow participants to join a scheduled in-room meeting efficiently and prevent scheduling conflicts.

Wireless projection and screen sharing

During video meetings, share screen content wirelessly and project from your laptop to the in-room display without the need for wires, dongles, or remote controls.

Support for two screens

You can communicate and interact with meeting participants while examining shared content on one screen and video meeting participants on a second screen.

Software for device management

Provision, deploy, measure usage, and upgrade hardware remotely to make it more effective and easy to manage for IT, lowering costs and decreasing user issues.

Central administration

Configure and manage any BlueJeans Room system from a single enterprise interface, removing the need for on-site moderation and troubleshooting for IT and audio-visual professionals.

Industry-leading collaboration

Interoperate with your corporate calendar system and connect to existing room systems from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, and other H.323 or SIP-based systems.

Flexible arrangements

BlueJeans can help you optimize your video meeting hardware solution or configure it using off-the-shelf hardware to match your individual needs.

Unified and consistent experience

Users enjoy a simple, interactive experience that is consistent throughout BlueJeans Meetings, BlueJeans Rooms, and BlueJeans Events thanks to the BlueJeans platform.

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