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The MAXHUB Digital Signage is finally publicly available.

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Meeting room with interactive display

The MAXHUB Digital Signage boosts productivity in any location thanks to wireless screen sharing and simple system integration. It's a best-in-class conferencing solution designed with BYOD in mind.

With the new MAXHUB Digital Signage, you can increase team engagement and productivity. This all-in-one conferencing solution interfaces seamlessly with existing systems in any meeting location. This product is now available for purchase in your location, thanks to MAXHUB, a leader in communication, conferencing, and collaboration solutions.

The MAXHUB Digital Signage was designed specifically to make every type of team gathering more effective. It improves efficiency in any situation. Bundle it with other MAXHUB UC products to maximise the impact of its bold display and set the stage for impressive results.

Every space requires a comprehensive solution.

The MAXHUB Digital Signage provides a complete solution, regardless of where you meet or how many people are present:

- It facilitates collaboration in huddle rooms. When you combine the MAXHUB Digital Signage with the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro videobar, you'll get a fantastic audio-visual experience for your workforce.

- In boardroom-sized settings, the display grabs everyone's attention. For crystal-clear communication, pair this best-in-class product with the MAXHUB BM21speakerphone and the MAXHUB UC P20 camera.

- Equally effective in wide settings, the MAXHUB Digital Signage inspires and increases team engagement by allowing all participants to share a screen. When you're on the go, pair it with a mobile stand for added stability and professionalism.

Advanced features for ease of use, security, and adaptability

MAXHUB Share, which is included with MAXHUB Digital Signage, enables wireless screen sharing between devices and operating systems with a single click. It also enables visual latency of less than 90ms for near-real-time streaming quality.

Bytello DMS-powered remote configuration and management save labour, equipment installation, and on-site maintenance expenses. IT administrators who manage the MAXHUB Digital Signage remotely have the ability to provide content to the MAXHUB Digital Signage at any moment.

The MAXHUB Digital Signage has been carefully tested and certified for safe use worldwide, with the safety of our clients in mind.

"Our commitment to creating great products that lower constraints for our customers drives MAXHUB's global leadership in the unified communications solutions market," says General Manager Darren Lin. "The MAXHUB Digital Signage is just another example of our commitment to developing high-performance, all-in-one systems with more possibilities to fit more scenarios," says the company.

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