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MAXHUB Releases Next-Gen Conferencing Speakerphone, the BM35.

MAXHUB has launched the BM35 next-generation Bluetooth speakerphone for exceptional audio coverage for video conferencing.

The new portable speakerphone promises immersive and disruption-free meetings thanks to its intelligent conferencing technology.

MAXHUB describes the device as the “ultimate conferencing tool” for excellent audio quality in any meeting space. The speakerphone is now available via MAXHUB’s global partners.

Darren Lin, General Manager at MAXHUB, said: “The powerhouse BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone is MAXHUB’s latest contribution to the unified communications solutions market. “It captures every utterance in perfect detail while providing an exceptional listening experience for distortion-free in-depth conversations.”

360° Omnidirectional Audio Algorithms

The incorporation of 360° omnidirectional audio algorithms with a range of capturing voices up to six metres away from speakers provides several benefits. This advanced technology enables clear and equal audio transmission for all participants in a given space, promoting inclusive communication and active participation. It eliminates the need for individuals to be positioned directly in front of a microphone or speaker, fostering a more natural and engaging communication experience. Moreover, the extended voice capture range ensures that individuals can be heard even in large-scale environments, reducing their need to speak loudly or strain their voices. Additionally, this technology contributes to immersive experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality applications by providing precise localisation of sound sources, enhancing realism and engagement. It also improves efficiency by streamlining the flow of presentations or discussions in large meeting rooms or lecture halls.

Overall, the integration of 360° omnidirectional audio algorithms with extended voice capture range enhances communication, fosters inclusivity, and promotes active participation. It creates a more natural and engaging communication experience, eliminates the need for individuals to be positioned in specific locations, and ensures clear audio transmission even in large-scale environments. Additionally, the technology contributes to immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality applications and improves efficiency in various settings.

Eight Microphones

The speakerphone's integration of eight microphones brings forth an optimised design to preserve the utmost clarity in a speech during conferencing sessions, ultimately providing an experience that closely emulates face-to-face meetings. Through meticulous calibration and engineering, these microphones work in unison to capture and transmit audio with exceptional precision, ensuring that every participant's voice is accurately conveyed. By minimising background noise and focusing on the primary speaker's voice, the technology enhances the overall conferencing experience, fostering seamless communication and enabling participants to feel as if they are engaging in a conversation in person. This sophisticated audio system creates a heightened sense of presence and immersion, bringing remote participants closer together and facilitating more effective and engaging virtual meetings.

True Wireless Stereo

Through the utilisation of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology, hybrid teams can significantly expand the audio coverage to accommodate larger groups of more than 20 people. TWS enables the seamless synchronisation of multiple wireless speakers or audio devices, allowing for the distribution of audio signals across a wider area. By strategically placing these speakers throughout a meeting space, the audio coverage is extended, ensuring that every participant can hear and engage in the discussion. This technology enhances the inclusivity and effectiveness of hybrid team meetings, enabling remote participants to feel connected and involved, regardless of their physical location. By providing robust and comprehensive audio coverage, TWS empowers hybrid teams to foster collaborative environments, facilitate seamless communication, and maximise the engagement of all participants, resulting in more productive and inclusive meetings.

AI Noise and Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The speakerphone's advanced technology incorporates AI noise and acoustic echo cancellation, effectively filtering out background noises for a superior audio experience. By implementing intelligent algorithms, the speakerphone can identify and suppress unwanted sounds, such as ambient noise or echoes, ensuring that the primary speaker's voice remains clear and undistorted. By actively mitigating these distractions, the technology promotes effective communication and minimises disruptions during conference calls or meetings. Participants can engage in discussions without being hindered by environmental noise, allowing for more focused and productive conversations. This noise-filtering capability enhances the overall audio quality, enabling seamless and uninterrupted communication and facilitating an optimal conferencing experience.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

The speakerphone incorporates automatic gain control (AGC) to ensure consistent volume levels throughout the communication. This feature dynamically adjusts the audio input levels, compensating for variations in speaker distance or voice projection. By automatically adjusting the gain, the speakerphone maintains a consistent volume, preventing sudden fluctuations and ensuring that all participants can hear each other. Additionally, the device's sophisticated algorithms further enhance volume consistency by automatically modifying the voice volume before output. This intelligent processing optimises the audio output, ensuring that the volume remains balanced and uniform for all participants, regardless of their speaking style or distance from the speakerphone. The utilisation of AGC and advanced algorithms guarantees a smooth and comfortable listening experience, allowing for effective communication and eliminating the need for manual volume adjustments during conferences or meetings.

Full-duplex Audio

The speakerphone's implementation of full-duplex audio technology empowers seamless communication by enabling sound distribution from different sides through separate channels. This capability allows participants to engage in simultaneous conversations, creating a natural and interactive flow of communication. By utilising separate channels for audio transmission, the speakerphone eliminates the need to take turns or pause during conversations, enabling real-time interaction and enhancing the overall conversational dynamics. Full-duplex audio ensures that participants can speak and listen simultaneously, mimicking the fluidity of face-to-face conversations and fostering a more engaging and collaborative meeting experience. With this technology, interruptions, and delays are minimised, promoting efficient and productive communication among participants, ultimately leading to more effective decision-making and information exchange.

4400MAh Built-in Battery

The MAXHUB BM35 has a robust 4400mAh built-in battery that delivers exceptional longevity, providing up to 30 hours of uninterrupted operation. This impressive battery life enables the device to be highly portable and facilitates wireless usage without the need for constant charging or being tethered to a power source. With its long-lasting battery, the MAXHUB BM35 offers enhanced flexibility and mobility, allowing users to move the device across different locations or environments effortlessly. Whether it is for presentations, meetings, or collaborative sessions, the extended battery life ensures that the device remains functional and reliable, catering to the diverse needs of users without the constraints of power outlets or cables. This portability and wireless capability provide a seamless and hassle-free user experience, empowering users to focus on their tasks and interactions rather than being tied down by power limitations.

In conclusion, the integration of advanced audiovisual technologies, such as the MAXHUB BM35, 360° omnidirectional audio algorithms, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology, AI noise cancellation, automatic gain control (AGC), and full-duplex audio, offers a transformative approach to audiovisual and meeting room technology. These cutting-edge solutions revolutionise communication, collaboration, and learning, enhancing the overall meeting and learning experience.

The integration of 360° omnidirectional audio algorithms, AI noise cancellation, AGC, and full-duplex audio ensures crystal-clear sound, effective noise filtering, consistent volume levels, and a natural flow of conversations. These features enable seamless communication, inclusivity, and enhanced engagement during conferences and meetings.

Furthermore, the utilisation of TWS technology and the MAXHUB BM35's long-lasting battery enhance flexibility, portability, and wireless operation, allowing for easy setup and mobility in various environments.

To benefit from these innovative audiovisual and meeting room technologies, we encourage customers to contact Merge Communications. Our team of experts is ready to understand your specific needs, provide tailored solutions, and guide you through the selection and implementation process. Experience the power of advanced audiovisual technology and transform your meetings and learning environments into seamless, engaging, and productive experiences. Contact us today to take your audiovisual and meeting room capabilities to the next level.

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