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Merge introduces MAXHUB BM21 Conference Speakerphone to the NZ market

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

MAXHUB BM21 Conference Speakerphone

Merge Communications represents MAXHUB in the New Zealand market.

MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of the BM21 Conference Speakerphone.

Ideal for teleconferencing, online training, and work-from-home scenarios, the BM21 offers a variety of connection options, Plug and Play connectivity, and can connect to as many as three devices simultaneously.

Just under 5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high, the MAXHUB BM21 is an elegant-looking device that looks right at home in any hi-tech environment where computers and displays are found. With the unit’s large dynamic speakers featuring intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation DSP capability, users experience clear, natural sound regardless of their seating position at the table. Similarly, the incorporated 6-element PZM boundary microphone with its 16-foot pickup radius provides high-quality, 360-degree omnidirectional voice acquisition—making it the ideal microphone solution for placement in the middle of the conference table.

With the ability to connect via Bluetooth, USB, or an audio cable, setting up the MAXHUB BM21 could not be easier. When used in a conference room, users can select from either of two wireless options. The BM21’s Bluetooth feature provides easy wireless connectivity, as does the system’s USB functionality when used with the included USB dongle. Alternatively, the BM21 can connect to a desktop computer using a wired USB connection or it can also be connected using the included audio cable with a 3.5mm connector. Equally notable, the BM21 can connect with as many as three devices simultaneously—an interactive flat panel display, a computer, and a mobile phone, for example—providing a wealth of flexibility.

Meeting organizers will appreciate the BM21’s battery life. When fully charged, the unit provides 8 hours of operation. The BM21 can be charged via USB with the included cable and it can also be charged wirelessly using an optional wireless charging pad.

About Merge Communications

Merge Communications is New Zealand's digital workplace partner. It provides integrated business communications solutions to keep your business, clients and staff connected. Merge offers Broadband, VoIP, Mobile, Videoconferencing, & Smartscreen technologies you need.

Merge Communications represents prestigious brands such as Maxhub, Bluejeans, Video Window and Quicklaunch. We search the globe for the best technologies needed in today's business ecosystem to ensure you can sell with confidence knowing you can provide the best solutions to your clients.

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