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New Hybrid Work Devices that Promote Collaboration Equity

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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With more hybrid workers heading back into the office than at any point in two years, it's clear that people need a way to work from home and still feel connected with their coworkers. BlueJeans is focused on helping them do just this by providing engaging presentations through video chat technology no matter where you are or how many people want access simultaneously- all while maintaining an air of professionalism we've come accustomed to over our careers!

The latest updates to the BlueJeans platform were designed with a focus on flexibility and productivity in mind. With new capabilities for both Android & iOS devices, as well as an option through which users can subscribe to service packages related specifically to their needs at any given time--whether it be home or remote working situations-the company has made sure there isn't anything holding back those who want or need more freedom when doing job assignments wherever they find themselves!

Unleashing Mobile Productivity

Legacy standards-based endpoints (SIP/H.323) and the new Android based experience for BlueJeans Rooms will allow meeting participants to use their mobile devices in order to start or control Conferences running on a conference room system with audio/video controls once paired via Bluetooth technology. Once connected, this same interface can be utilized by those who have been invited as well allowing them access across all devices where applicable - enhancing productivity!

The new BlueJeans Collaboration Board is the perfect way to brainstorm with your team remotely. With simultaneous co-creation for up 25 users, this app provides an infinite canvas that never gets too big or small - making it easy as pie!

Making Work-From-Home (WFH) Interactive

With the latest updates to their app, BlueJeans Meetings provides a more immersive experience for meeting without distractions. The addition of features like Raise Hand and Closed Captions can help improve at-home engagement with dedicated video conferencing devices!

Improving Team Collaboration in the Office

The meeting room industry is booming, but not all spaces are created equal. BlueJeans offers two different types of flexible conference room packages to ensure in-office workers have an equitable experience and can be more consistent with their work schedule as they need it!

The next generation of work spaces is coming and we're ready for them. We've simplified our OpEx by selling hardware, software bundles with predictable pricing from a single vendor so you can focus on what's important: providing your employees an amazing place to do their best creative thinking every day! To get started just select how many seats (or points) that will fit into your budget; whether through direct purchase or as part of larger reseller contracts - certified partners like us will sell it directly too–and start building out these new awesome workspaces now while they last because once all the demand has been met...well who knows when this might happen again?

The future of meetings is now available to you through a Rooms-as-a Service model partnership. The Poly Studio X30 and 50 are equipped with the latest technology that will enable your employees, whether they’re in an office or on location across town from their desk space at any one time during working hours - can participate fully without ever leaving! This revolutionary new offering combines Blue Jeans Room's software solution into our hardware so all participants see exactly what else goes down while watching live video conferences right there alongside them no matter where we happen to reside.

With specialized video applications to meet every business need, BlueJeans is driving market transformation around today’s hybrid work environment and helping customers achieve a new level of consistency, regardless of which mode of work they’ve chosen. With today’s announcements, we’re making the hybrid work environment one that’s natural, seamless and equitable for all users across devices and channels.

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